Cat Scratch Followup

Took my mom for a followup doctor visit to check on her cat scratch wound from last Saturday. After waiting only about five minutes we were ushered into one of the exam rooms by a polite and very friendly new nurse named Regina who basically narrated everything she did, including which buttons she clicked on the computer monitor when inputting my mom’s vitals. Blood pressure, blah blah over blah blah…blood-ox level, blah blah…left arm…patient seated…female…temperature, blah blah…favorite novelist, not E L James…tattoo of Richard Nixon on left butt cheek…two strange carotid punctures on the left side of neck…patient arrived wearing Wonder Woman bustier…one glowing red bionic eye..and so on. She also talked about her now two-years deceased husband whose mother had tried to call right then, probably because Regina’s son’s birthday was today. She decided as well to tell us that when she was a little girl she had to have her frenulum linguae cut because it was restricting her tongue’s movements which made it very difficult to take her temperature.

Paging Dr. Toomuchinfo…

A n y w a y . . . my mom’s regular primary care doctor wasn’t available so a very nice, and newly arrived to the hospital from Dallas, Dr. Gupta spent a friendly fifteen minutes examining her and making sure she was overall ok. She thought my mom’s arm was healing very nicely.

After the exam was completed we decided to go have breakfast there at the hospital. We were surprised to find that it had been completely remodeled since the last time we ate there. It was a lot more open and bright and modern. Plus, they named it “The Cove”. Ooooh.

We each ordered an omelet, hers a cheese and mine a veggie, along with some bacon and hashbrowns. We also ordered one pancake to split. It’s been a really long time since I’ve had a big American breakfast like that. There was a really loud 40-something year-old visiting German doctor sitting at a nearby table comparing procedures or something between Thornton and his practice back in the Fatherland.

Except for learning about poor Regina’s late husband, hearing about her sliced frenulum, and then having to listen to that volume-impaired Teutonic treater of the tortured, it was overall a very positive visit to the doctor’s office.

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