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Walking At SeaWorld On A Drizzly Morning

Walked once around SeaWorld with my mom on a rainy morning. Stopped and watched a training session with the Killer Whales.

My (26th) Trip To SeaWorld

Went to SeaWorld to walk with Mami and to meet up with Sylvia, Cece and Deaglan.

Back At SeaWorld

Went walking with my mom at SeaWorld during Fleet Week’s Enlisted Recognition Luncheon on this cold and cloudy day.

Mami’s Dilated Pupil

My mom had an eye exam today that completely dilated both her pupils for the rest of the day.

Mami’s Appointment with Dr. Romero

Took my mom to her appointment with Dr. Romero who said her blood work from yesterday came back normal.

New Blog. Ssshhhh.

Created a new temporarily secret blog today.

Mami’s Follow-up Blood Clot Ultrasound

Took my mom to her follow-up ultrasound appointment at Thornton Hospital to check on the blood clot she was diagnosed with a few months ago. She came away with the assurance that her jugular is clot-free.


Watched my mom make smarni, a Hungarian dessert-type food she used to make when we were very young.

Stephen’s Belated Birthday Dinner

Ozzie, Stephen, Kimi, Beata and Bill came over for a dinner that Mami made for Stephen’s belated 22nd birthday.

Another Walk At SeaWorld And A Shamu Show

Walked around SeaWorld again with my mom and this time stayed for the Shamu Show to get some new pictures. Also got pictures of a couple of Beluga Whales, a Polar Bear, a Walrus, two Egret chicks, a couple of Rabbits, three Sea Turtles and two Sunflower Stars together.

One Lap Around SeaWorld

Walked around SeaWorld once with my mom today. Watched a couple of Killer Whales being trained. Little did we know that two hours after we watched them one of the Killer Whales, Sumar, would die.

Mami’s Stitches Removed

Took my mom to see Dr. Abrams for a followup to her August 17 hand surgery. He told her that the growth they removed was a benign hemangioma, or vascular tumor. She also got her seven stitches removed by a tech.

Mami’s Hand Surgery

Finally got to see the stitches that my mom has on her hand from her surgery last week. The purple color is just markings the surgeon made to guide where the zig-zag incision was going to be.

Mami’s Successful Hand Surgery

Today my mom had minor hand surgery at UCSD Medical Center here in San Diego. The procedure went very well. She was in and out of the hospital in four hours, from registration to pre-op to surgery to post-op and finally walking out to the car.

Surfin’ USA

Went to La Jolla Shores to watch Tommy and Alex try to surf. Didn’t go that well.

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