Some History, Natural Style

Needing to kill some time before a presentation later this evening in Balboa Park, I spent a couple of hours at the San Diego Natural History Museum photographing more exhibits, watching two 3D movies and telling a cute girl who works there that she had really pretty eyes. The two 3D movies, “Dinosaurs 3D: Giants of Patagonia” and “Inner Earth 3D” were both very good, although I preferred the dinosaur movie. The 3D was better, the animation was incredible and it was narrated by Donald Sutherland. The “Inner Earth 3D” was produced by a local spelunker and while it had some at times stunning visuals, the accompanying music was too loud and competed with the narration. Oftentimes I couldn’t catch what the voiceover said. It also seemed a bit choppy and the script was descriptively a bit over the top in certain places. Still, it was educational. While I waited for the movies to start I roamed and took pictures. It’s what I do.

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