Category: Notoriety

My Mug Is Trending

Some of my friends noticed that I was trending on YouTube today. Or to be more precise, a video from the San Diego Zoo that prominently kept showing my dorky countenance was trending. A couple of them even shared the video link on Facebook. Apparently I have some very misguided fans. It is a pretty …

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News Flashdance

My sister, Beata, and her husband, Bill, were on local San Diego TV this morning promoting the upcoming International Dance Festival happening this coming Sunday in Balboa Park. Besides promoting the festival, they were asked to demonstrate some dancing live on set and they obliged with a couple of waltz-based performances. My mom waved at …

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My Photo Made The Popular Crowd

After having so far posted 58 photos onto the photographer’s website 500px, the last of my three underwater polar bear photos, which I posted today, finally made the popular list with a ratio of views, “affections” and comments. Not a terribly big deal since my photo was on the 107th page of popular photos, but …

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Funani And Adhama Have Been Chosen

One of my personal favorite photos from the San Diego Zoo was chosen to be added to a photo website in England called SLR-Lens which has a blogpost showing what they consider to be the best wildlife photos of 2011. My photo is of Funani, a female River Hippo, next to her recently born son, Adhama, …

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New Facebook

Registered as a Facebook app developer so I could preview my page with the new Timeline layout before my friends could. Also, because I thought it was cool and wanted to try out the new features. I think it’s a huge, positive leap forward for Facebook. Until next Friday only other developers can see my …

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Another One-Day Viewing Record

Had my best ever single day viewing (2,214) of my Flickr photostream. Why? Because I posted just ten new pictures of girls in costume from this year’s Comic Con. I know some of the people are seriously interested in the quality of the cosplayers’ costumes, but I have a strong suspicion that most of the viewers …

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Loving My Lizard

My photo of a Coast Horned Lizard was added to a group of other lizard shots on a Live Journal page on 500px. My plans to take over the Internet are crawling along nicely.

New Personal Flickr Best

A couple of days ago I reached a new personal high with views of my Flickr photostream. More importantly, they were accommodating enough to give me a beautifully even number. Monk would be happy.

New Canvas Print Order

Was scrounging to choose a decent enough photo to use my Groupon canvas print coupon from Picture It On Canvas for. Got a little tired of looking through all my animal and city pictures so I settled on a recent shot I took of some old west decor that was sitting outside the entrance of …

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Spotted My 100th Food!

Posted my 100th (actually 100th thru 103rd) posting on Foodspotting. Check that off my bucket (bad choice of word) list.

Another Official Request For One Of My Photos

Received a message through Flickr today from the Denver Zoo asking if they could use one of my photos for an new exhibit ID and that they would credit me for the photo. After thinking about it for two tenths of a nano second I wrote back saying yes. I will allow it. This time.

A Haunting Confession

I’ve Been Google+-ed

Finally got accepted into Google+ today. Not through the invitation I requested directly from Google a few days ago, but from an invitation by my friend Ramon. No matter, now I can belong and start making circles and having hangouts.

Again Another Blog? What Is Wrong With Me?

And if adding a new blog to keep up with wasn’t enough, I also set up a Shutterfly Share website for my Shutterfly photo account. Somebody please stop me. Anyone want to become a member of my site?

What? Yet Another Blog?

Yep. As if not keeping up regularly with my other three blogs was enough, I’ve gone ahead and started a new one. Differences with this one is that 1) it will center on what my friends are doing, not what I’m doing and 2) it’s on Blogger. It won’t be updated very regularly since I …

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