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Skype Silliness

What was supposed to be a scheduled Skype video chat between my family here and our relatives in Hungary became more of an impromptu stand-up routine with only half the participants. My mother, sister and I exchanged prop-comedy with my cousin, Gábor, and his wife, Kati. A half-hour exchange became, as usual, twenty-five minutes of …

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Hungarian Skype, Episode Two

Partook in another Skype chat between my mom and me and my cousin and his wife. This one lasted just long enough to see some of the inside of his house and to set up a more involved chat for next Sunday with additional members of both families on either side of the planet. This …

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Skyping With Hungary

Today my mom and I had an interesting Skype chat with some of our relatives in Hungary. My cousin had his father visiting his family and he thought that my mom (his father’s wife’s sister) would enjoy a brief video chat to say hi and find out how things are going in both countries. While …

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