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Slightly Belated Birthday Dinner

All the members of my San Diego family gathered for a belated birthday dinner for me this evening. They included my mom, of course, two siblings, a nephew, his girlfriend, my favorite niece and a brother-in-law. There were no gifts, as is always my want. (Lisa! But thanks for the poop calendar.) This was the …

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Quick Dog Stop

Had a quick lunch with my mom at Waldo’s Chili Dogs in Clairemont Town Square. After all these years she has finally grown to love hot dogs. They’re quick, delicious and cheap. My hound of choice for today was a Pastrami Dog. Very tasty.

Here’s Waldo

Ran a buttload of errands with my mom which included a lunch stop at Waldo’s Chili Dogs at Clairemont Square. I’d eaten there once before and I knew how much my mom likes hot dogs. We both ordered the Avocado Bacon Hot Dog and they were really good. We split a bag of Fritos and …

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Thanksgiving 2012

Had our annual most-of-the-family Thanksgiving get together at our house. This time the food was generously provided by my older brother and his family members, instead of my mom having to make most of the dishes, and it was a lunch instead of a dinner. It was all really good. Next year, for the benefit …

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Mami’s Quarterly Doctor Visit

Took my mom for her regularly scheduled three-month checkup with Dr. Romero. Her blood pressure was good, there were no changes to the few medications she takes, and she got her flu shot. Overall it was a very positive visit. Dr. Romero is really good with her. He is patient, really takes his time and …

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Maria Rose

Got a nice shot of my mom with one of her prized rose bushes. All of a sudden it started to grow by leaps and bounds with rosebuds sprouting from almost every new stalk, and this made her very happy. Wouldn’t be surprised if she turns this into a rose tree.

Bigboote’s Birthday

Today is my younger brother, Tommy’s, birthday. He was born in 1960. That makes him 52 years old. He is now a very successful pediatrician in New Mexico. Through a bizarre series of quantum causality time-shift events he was teleported back in time to Banning, California in the early 60s and is now a patient …

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Familiar Dinner

Had a chunk of the family over for dinner tonight, including my older brother, his daughter and my sister. My mom made delicious Hungarian gulyás (goulash) but with rice added for some extra thickness. First time I’ve had it this way but I liked it. Another first: my sister brought over three tiny watermelon looking …

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Surprise Guests During Lunch At The Village Grill

After finishing going through “The Horse” exhibit at the Natural History Museum my mom and I decided to walk across the way to sit and have a nice al fresco sandwich lunch at The Village Grill. I had tried their tuna melt before and liked it quite a bit. Unfortunately they didn’t have it any …

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Gone For Seven Years

Today is the seventh anniversary of my father’s passing in 2005. His ashes are ashes, from dusk to dusk.

Starbucks Time

After spending more time in Burlington than I wanted, I walked across Clairemont Square with my mom to sit outside of Starbucks while enjoying some of their delicious coffee. We also picked up some still-warm, used ground coffee for her garden. Nice way to spend a relaxing, people-watching half hour.

Annual Aortic Aneurism Activity

Took my mom for her yearly CT scan of the aortic aneurism that was discovered a few years ago and which the doctors have been keeping a very close eye on for any changes. While we won’t get these test results for a couple of days yet, so far it has stayed stable which, other …

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Mami’s Birthday: Evening Edition

My older brother, Ozzie, and my sister, Beata, along with her husband, Bill, came over for dinner this evening to celebrate my mom’s 81st birthday. Beata had come over a bit earlier to help with the decorating and the making of the crepes (palacsinta, to be more precise). Dinner was one of my all-time favorite meals, which …

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Mami’s Birthday: Midday Edition

Took my mom walking at SeaWorld to continue her birthday celebration. I first went to Guest Services to get her a birthday button but they were out of them. Instead they gave her a voucher for a complimentary feeding tray at the seals and sea lions, which I thought was pretty cool. Inside the entrance we …

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Mami’s Birthday: Morning Edition

My niece, Kimi, came over this morning to have breakfast with my mom for her 81st birthday. She brought some flowers and a few blueberry Eggos (which my mom always likes) and I had some cream of wheat (which I really like) because of my residual dental issues from a few day ago. It was …

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