Debbie And My Mom’s Ear

Delivered my mom to her appointment with Debbie, a hearing specialist. From the way Debbie listens and speaks you would never know that she herself has to wear two hearing aids.

She took my mom into a tiny, sound-proofed listening room where she sat on a kid’s chair in front of a kid’s table. (I asked Debbie about this afterwards and she told me they used to test small children and she just liked the furniture so she decided to keep them. I told her they made the room appear bigger.)

The tests showed that one of my mom’s hearing aids had a lose speaker inside which not only decreased the quality but also rattled around making anything auditory almost useless. That damaged hearing aid was left behind to be sent for repairs and the other one Debbie just made some minor adjustments to.

My mom can hear a bit better now. With one ear. Now I just have to say everything twice only about half the time instead of most of the time.

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